Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ultra Moisture Magnet Serum By First Botany ~ Review

  Ultra Moisture Magnet Serum
By First Botany

I have combo skin, so there are areas of my face that always end up super dry and some that end up super oily.
This hyaluronic acid is what you should be using if you have dry skin, it has helped balance my skin quite a bit since I started using it.
It says to add a few drops to the palm of your hands and to pat your face with it, I found when doing this although it still works well it had an odd smell to it and it left my face somewhat sticky and shiny. So I added it to daily moisturizer instead - which is also says you can do. And no more smell or stickiness to deal with. And it's one less step in the morning that I have to do, which is always a plus! My skin is more radiant looking and just has a more healthy over all look to it.
Although the bottler is on the small side it last for quite a while since you just have to use one or two drops at a time, this is a pump and honestly I haven't even had to use a single full pump yet to get the amount that I need. So if you are wondering about the price vs. the size it's quite worth it since you only use about half a pump every time that you use it.

Where you can get yours:

Ultimate Main Drain Opener by Green Gobbler

Ultimate Main Drain Opener
by Green Gobbler

Well we come with our long hair and with long hair normally comes clogged drains, I was sent this drain opener at a discount in return for my honest review. And it worked so well, I was shocked! My hair is long and I shed like a dog so every time I take a shower it makes it worse. So after my shower one morning after everything had drained out, we followed the directions on the bottle and wosh... worked like a charm! Now, I don't know how soon I will clog it again but for the moment it works very well and I am happy with that!   I will be buying more before to long I'm sure, with the amount of hair that my daughter and I shed and clog the drain with even if this was the very best in the world I'm sure we would need some more before to long!


 Here is where you can get some yourself:

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Caar Seat Cover { Review}


This car seat cover is exactly as described, it arrived on time and with no damage. The cover it's self is very pretty, the pattern is a simple white and grey chevron pattern which can be used for either a boy or a girl.
The material isn't very think, but then again since it's made out of 100% bamboo muslin I didn't expect it to be either. This is the perfect cover for the summer time, to keep the sun off of baby and in the winter when you already have blankets wrapped around baby and don't want to over heat them.
The cover also comes with hook and loop attachments, which I adore & love. To put the cover on the car seat - just simply slip it on over the hood place the elastic area over the back head rest area of the seat and drape over, I attached the hook and loop, loop openings to the carrier handle and then attached the hook and loop "sticker" pieces to the car seat where they hung down naturally. I love that this is provided, it's a simple but ingenious idea, this way when the wind picks up I don't have to worry about the cover flying off!
The packaging also is very pretty, it comes nicely folded in a pretty box all you would need to do id slip it into a gift bag or simply wrap it if you are giving as a gift. In which I think this would make a great gift, and with the simple pattern and coloring you don't even have to know the gender of the baby!
 You can buy the cover HERE

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in return for my honest and unbiased review, all statements and opinions stated in this review are 100% mine alone. Your opinion my vary from mine.